Help with learning English

Yes, I can teach you English , my method is to go over the things that you think you know and make sure that you know them 100% before moving on to new vocabulary. It clears your head to first be certain of what you do know rather than have even more more vocabulary but have uncertainties about it.
Where i’m unique is that I focus on the “Emotional” side of learning a language —
What do I mean by that?
Sometimes people are shy about speaking words in a new language because they lack confidence.
Confidence is key to being successful with anything in life. so we address that.
Also many times in our lives we have had people make fun of the way that we spoke ,maybe they made funny faces because they didn’t understand your accent Also maybe you have told yourself things like “I’m no good at English”or “I can never remember English” or  “It feels weird to speak English” etc
 [ This is an example of course but we all have hang ups like this] , so we will clear all these types of problems which will increase your motivation and efficiency.
I do this by using a psychological technique with you that I am trained in. So that’s a little about the unique service that I offer.

Help with health

I may be able to help you with the following conditions.
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Fear of public speaking and other forms of social anxieties/fear
  • Short-term or chronic stress
  • Muscular tension and joint pain
  • Fatigue and boosting energy level
  • Tension headaches
  • Food cravings and emotional eating
  • Emotional problems tied to low self-esteem
  • Difficulties with athletic performance, focus and coordination
  • Trouble sleeping

About us

Mark Robinson [ EFT level 3 ]

About Me

I’m Mark Robinson.  I can work with you no matter where you live in the world
All sessions are done on the phone, with Whatsapp or with Skype
My understanding, and awareness are used in practical ways to empower clients in producing breakthrough results in health, relationships, business, career and performing arts.