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I have had great success helping people with EFT. I work with people from around the world via telephone or Skype and also do face to face sessions for people that live in Sydney.
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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple yet remarkable healing system that reduces the stress that underlies much disease. It has proven itself successful in many scientific studies.
EFT researchers include investigators affiliated with many different institutions such as:
  • Harvard Medical School (USA)
  • University of California at Berkeley (USA)
  • City University of New York (USA)
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center (USUHS) (USA)
  • Texas A&M University (USA)
  • Lund University (Sweden)
  • Ankara University (Turkey)
  • Santo Thomas University (Philippines)
  • Lister Hospital (England)
  • Cesar Vallejo University (Peru)
  • Griffith University (Australia)