What my clients say

 I advise anyone to seek proper medical advise from trained doctors,this is a record of what happened to these people but there are no guarantees that I can help you as well ,everyone and every session is different.


Help with Cancer treatment after effects.

I recently got a session from Mark and the session lasted for several hours because we were dealing with my chemo treatment ,for a Tumour.The Chemo therapy treatment according to doctors affects the brains ability to do mathematics, so according to doctors this is something incurable or takes a very long time to fix, but we were able to fix it within a few hours. The long form of EFT which Mark uses is what finally made the difference in fixing the problem. Before the session I completely went blank on a simple question such as “What is 71 minus 13” but after the session I was able to easily answer the question. This obviously affects my ability to gain employment so I can’t thank Mark enough for helping me there.                                                                   Sharon, Carlingford, NSW, Australia

Help with Job Interview

Recently, Mark and I did a session together as I was going for a job interview and I always to have problem with confidence, with nerves and not saying the right thing at the right time. After the session I felt better and I was able to get the job. I used to have the problem of saying silly things in job interviews not sure why that was, but anyway I ended up getting the job and it was a very well paying job with the government. Thanks Mark for your help.
It only took 20 minutes to do!
Catherine, San Souci, NSW, Australia

Help with Weight Control

Recently I met Mark at a club in Strathfield and told him about my problem regarding putting on too much weight.
So Mark told me to buy a bowl of hot chips which I did and then after looking at them and tasting one we did a process together and after this I didn’t care whether I ate them all or not. I had the choice whereas before I wouldn’t have been able to resist eating all of them.
Kylie, Parramatta, NSW, Australia

Help with Foot Problem

I have been troubled by a painful large growth on the bottom of my foot for the last 6 months. I have gone to various Doctors to get rid of it over this period with no success,they were advising surgery. I had heard that Mark was good with helping people with problems but never thought that this kind of problem would respond. Mark gave me a session for no longer than 10 minutes and now after 2 days the foot is completely healed!! Thanks again for your help with this health problem,not to mention the money that it saved me since I no longer need the surgery.

Sarah, Woollahra, Sydney

Help with English

Recently I met mark at a English as a Second Language seminar that he was running.
As I’m a native Chinese speaker, I had trouble with the word “TWELVE” I guess we all have these kinds of problems as certain sound combination only occur in some language. Anyway, I did the process with Mark and then I was able to say “TWELVE” much more easily,so I can be understood better now.
Lily, Hurstville, NSW, Australia

Help with English

I am a Japanese speaker and I recently attended an English as a Second Language seminar with mark, I had a problem with saying the word “ENGLISH” as this is a hard word to say for a Japanese speaker. anyway, I did the process with Mark and was much more easily to say the word. thanks very much for the help mark.
Hisoka, North Sydney , NSW, Australia

Help with Asthma

have had a long term of condition of Asthma. This problem had become much worse recently because of a very stressful work environment with my boss. Just recently I did a session with Mark and I was able to get relief with my Asthma. Thanks very much for your help.
Amelia, Blackheath,NSW, Australia

Help with Diabetes

Today I met Mark for the first time.
We sat down and I told Mark I have an ongoing problem with Diabetes. I usually have cold feet because of my condition with Diabetes.This was a hot day,but I still had cold feet.
Mark suggested that we just do a process on the left foot only which I did and then I ended up with a cold right foot and a normal feeling left foot.We then went on to normalise my right foot as well. Thanks very much for your help.
Terry, Kogarah ,NSW, Australia

Help with a phobia

Recently I met Mark and we decided to work together as I have had a long term snake phobia.
He worked for about 20 minutes with me just thinking about snakes as we were out in a coffee shop at that time so there were no pictures of snakes to look at.
Afterwards, I felt I had no problem with my snake phobia.
NOTE: After 2 months I reported to Mark that my snake phobia had not returned.
Louise, Manly ,NSW, Australia